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Your roadmap to creating, executing, and scaling profitable Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns.

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Don't waste another $ on ineffective ads: In this course, you'll discover how to increase your ROAS with a predictable & scalable framework developed by a former Facebook Insider.

By the end of the course, you will:

Feel confident running FB Ads

You'll understand how the ad ecosystem works and how to get consistent results without second-guessing yourself or relying on Youtube tutorials, shady agencies, or outdated blog posts.

Build campaign structures that win

You'll have a clear strategy to design profitable campaigns from the ground up. You'll know exactly who to target, what ad sets to create, and how to set up every variable to meet your business goals.

Easily create high converting ads

You'll know what makes up a compelling ad, what best practices to follow to increase conversions, and which tools to use to build your ads fast, without needing to hire expensive designers.

Know how to increase your ROAS

You'll be equipped with a strong, repeatable and proven system to reduce budget waste and get maximum return on your marketing dollars by leveraging each feature of Facebook's platform.

I can't speak highly enough about Khalid's Facebook course. Khalid cuts through all the fog and ambiguity and offers advice that has gone on to significantly improve my FB results, and explained in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Maher

 – via TrustPilot

A really great course that helped me to quickly and effectively carry out an important launch campaign for my work. This course has a 'leave the sh*it at the door' approach, with a defined and clear set up, with everything you need to know to run epic and successful ads.

Meg Brownlee

 – via TrustPilot

This course was perfect for me. I have run FB ads before and I am experienced with marketing. Sometimes you just need an expert to run you through the best way of doing something, the nuances, and the pitfalls to avoid. My ROI on ads is higher now. An easy 5 stars to give.

Edward Murray

 – via TrustPilot

This course was extremely well laid out and practical for anyone or business looking to begin buying or scaling their ads throughout Facebook. I feel a lot more comfortable with developing a campaign strategy and setting it up in Facebook Ads Manager after this course.

Tanner William

 – via TrustPilot

Khalid made the most of my time by packing value into every minute of the course. It's also relieving knowing that he actually worked at Facebook. This course provides the real INSIDER BLUEPRINT of how you can get the most out of your Facebook ad spend.

Kenny Hanson

 – via TrustPilot

Khalid's course was what saved my business. I was badly burned by an ad agency and lost thousands of dollars. Khalid's course has single handedly helped me to gain the knowledge I needed to rescue my business and reignite my passion for FB advertising.

Drew Van Rensburg

 – via TrustPilot

This course includes the principles, tactics, & systems I've developed from over $300 Million ad dollars in campaigns for world-class clients like:

If you're advertising on Facebook, chances are that you're stuck

You're stuck going in circles around the endless options inside Ads Manager. Overwhelmed with the dozens of decisions that will impact your campaign's performance. Frustrated trying to figure out how to craft ads that command attention and drive action.

All that uncertainty, before you even hit "publish" on your campaigns. Then, the real stress begins

The lump in your throat when the "Spend" column goes up like a rocket, burning your hard-earned dollars, but the "Results" column stays frighteningly close to zero.

The acid reflux boiling inside you when you can't even get your free offers to convert no matter what guru-recommended trick or what flashy app you use to create your ads.

The heartbreak of getting some positive results after a lot of tinkering, only to have it all come crashing down after a few weeks for no apparent reason.

And once you run out of tactics to try, you're left wondering, "What on earth am I supposed to do now?"

Because that can’t be it, right?

Digital native brands are making millions with the Facebook Ad platform!

So what are they doing differently? How can they spend a fortune on FB Ads and not only be profitable... but also scale at an accelerated pace?

Unicorn Startups

Massive course creators

New eCommerce brands

Agencies & consultants

These guys are growing fast, advertising primarily with Instagram and Facebook Ads!

Successful advertisers understand how Facebook's Ad Ecosystem works, “under the hood”

They know precisely how to leverage the advertising algorithm. They have a better grasp than their competitors on how the "ad auction" works and how to win it. They have cracked the proverbial code to creating ads and campaigns that resonate and convert.

Successful advertisers optimize each aspect of their campaigns to make the most out of every ad dollar they spend. And they're beating even the biggest companies because of it.

And that's exactly what I did when I worked at Facebook

Hi, my name is Khalid

And from 2016 to 2019, I worked as a senior client consultant at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA. My role there was to provide advice & consult with the largest advertisers on the platform. I helped companies like Netflix, eBay, Nestlé, P&G, and Coca-Cola maximize the ROI on their ad spend.

Since then, I've built a repeatable, scalable framework to run effective FB Ads.

I've used my framework to help 1000s of businesses

After leaving Facebook, I started my own consultancy. With this system, my clients & students have achieved outstanding results with their advertising. And they have done so regardless of their budget!

I've also used it to build 5 different ecommerce brands and a SaaS company called Ad Optimum. And now, I want to help you do the same.

My average student earns $5000 of incremental profits within 3 months of completing the course

My average student earns $5000 of incremental profits within 3 months of completing the course

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Module 1: Facebook's Ad Ecosystem

Understand how Facebook's properties work together in the advertising landscape. Get a birds-eye view of their future plans and trends. Then, learn your way around Ads Manager, Campaign Objectives, and Structures.

  • What are Facebook's plans for each of its platforms (and how will their roadmap impact your advertising moving forward)
  • Ads Manager 101: Navigate your way around FB's daunting Ads Manager, learn how to make it work for you, and take full advantage of every critical feature
  • A complete intro to campaign structures (and which variables you should focus on at each inner level)
  • How to pick the right objective for your campaign (including which campaign objectives you should be ignoring altogether, if you want real return-on-investment and not just superficial engagement metrics)

This is by far the best Facebook advertising course I have seen. I had basically given up hope before going through this course. After two days of going through the content, and studying it, I am now running my own FB Ads campaigns for an e-commerce store.

Callum Mundine

Via Trustpilot

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Module 2: How to WIN the Facebook ad auction

Learn how Facebook's AI decides which ad to show to each user. Discover the mechanics behind this process, plus how to make sure that your ad gets served over your competitors'.

  • Understand what the auction is, the formula that runs it (yes, there is a formula, and it's simpler than you think!), and proactive steps you can take to make sure your ad wins at it
  • The most powerful (and underutilized) targeting option in FB's inventory, why you should be leveraging it, and how to set it up step by step (hint: it has nothing to do with "Interests")
  • Everything you need to know about the Facebook Pixel (implement it following the principles in this module to unlock the full extent of FB's optimization power)
  • Insider techniques to reduce and exit the feared "learning" stage of your new ad campaigns (and do it as fast as possible to avoid a slow “burn” of your budget)
  • The #1 reason why "picking and choosing" ad placements by hand is making your advertising more expensive (and less effective), and what to do about it

I've paid thousands of dollars on other courses, and there is no course that comes close to what I've learned with Khalid. I've learned many things that nobody teaches that  make a difference, because he knows how the algorithm works. He's clear and he had new lessons from the feedback of his students. I recommend anyone who wants to get a master's on Facebook Ads to get into it.

Diakaryauve Thiam

Via TrustPilot

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Module 3: What the BEST advertisers do

In this module, you'll learn how to replicate the success of Facebook's top advertisers in your campaigns by studying their guiding principles. Then, you'll learn how to apply them in order to increase your ROI.

  • How are top advertisers spending their ad dollars (We'll go over 5 fundamental principles to apply on your campaigns, to achieve repeatable and consistent results)
  • Why most advice on manual campaign optimization and complicated structures is wrong (And how to do it right. This change alone will provide a significant lift on your results from day one)
  • How to make sure you get positive ROAS consistently, and stop overpaying for your campaign's results (Finally! Prevent Facebook from indiscriminately spending your hard-earned dollars)
  • The case against being a “budget-constrained” advertiser (regardless of your marketing budget, there is a better way to allocate your resources that results in less waste and much better performance)
  • Why the largest advertisers are laser-focused on "signal volume" (And why you should be too, if you want to optimize your campaigns)
  • How to leverage FB's targeting capabilities like the pros (This is why successful advertisers seem to be reading your mind and showing you their ads almost at the exact time you're thinking of a product. I'll share how you can do it too)

This is the only FB Ads Marketing course you’d need to get started! Packed with core concepts and techniques that could be adopted based on our own business needs, this course is well worth the money!

Kasit Nganthavee

Via TrustPilot

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Module 4: How to build amazing ads

People are thumbing through 300 ft. (about 100m.) of content in their feeds every single day, and that doesn't even include stories. In this module, you'll learn how to make your ad content stop them in their tracks and how to make it drive valuable actions.

  • 3 best practices to create impactful ads that command attention, even in the era of the fleeting "mobile-attention-span."
  • The winning combination of creative assets you should include in every ad set to see the highest conversion lift (according to Facebook's own data & rigorous experiments)
  • A complete deconstruction of the best ads by sophisticated advertisers, what makes them work, the best practices they're using, and a few extra tricks to drive action.
  • 4 Highly effective tools to create eyeball-grabbing ads (even if you don't have a big budget, a team of designers, and have never even heard of Photoshop before)
  • Why the largest advertisers are laser-focused on "signal volume" (And why you should do it too if you want to optimize your campaigns)
  • How to leverage FB's targeting capabilities like the pros (This is why successful advertisers seem to be reading your mind and showing you their ads almost at the exact time you're thinking of a product. Here's how you can do it too)

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook courses that didn’t teach me NEARLY as much as Khalid’s course. This course is comprehensive, practical and delivers content well-beyond anything else I’ve been able to find online. This has been a gamechanger for my business.

Jackie Rhind

Via TrustPilot

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Module 5: Advanced

In this module, you'll learn intermediate and advanced strategies, tools, ad units & campaign structures. Using these will allow you to increase your conversions and scale your results while keeping a positive ROI.

  • The what, why, and how of Lead Ads – the best ad unit for coaches, consultants, and service business (and the step by step process to build optimized Lead Ads)
  • The ultimate guide to eCommerce campaigns: a 30-min masterclass on what audiences you should be targeting and what ad sets to include (plus, a framework to decide when and who to retarget to increase your store orders)
  • How to use Dynamic Creative to boost your campaign's performance (easily the most vilified and misunderstood tool in the Ads Manager, here's the actual way to use it like a pro)
  • Everything you need to know to make your ads 100% compliant to FB’s policies (it won't work if you're trying to break the rules… But if your business is legitimate, these lessons will help you protect your account, prevent unexpected bans, and futureproof your advertising)
  • My framework for scaling ad spend while maintaining your ROI (including how to know if you're ready to scale, what needs to happen outside of Facebook, and my system to increase your spending and still be highly profitable)
  • How to use Dynamic Ads (most businesses don't qualify to use this ad unit, but the ones that do can see massive success with it)

It's an excellent course. Khalid knows what he's talking about and gave some very useful insights on how the bidding works. The strategies I just learned paid for this course in saved ad spend.

Justin Bauer

Via TrustPilot

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Module 6: Newly added content

This open-ended module includes lessons added as Facebook rolls out updates and profound changes to its platform. Plus, new content comes straight from questions and requests from the course students. Some of the new ones so far:

  • Apple's iOS14 Update and 4 steps you can take to reduce its impact (a 33-minutes step by step tutorial on protecting your campaigns against iOS 3rd party tracking block features)
  • Video Poll Ad Unit: a complete tutorial on one of the latest units added to FB's inventory (if used correctly, you can send super targeted traffic to specific landing pages. A huge conversion booster!)
  • What to do if you get the "Learning Limited" notice (learn precisely what's going on, how to interpret this notice, and what steps you should take to exit this state and get your campaigns to complete optimization)
  • How to master the cryptic "Attribution Window" (most people skip this one when setting up their ad sets, and it can have a gigantic impact on signal volume)
  • And that's only for starters... As our students ask more questions and our community grows, we'll be adding more lessons here in the future!

The lessons are well structured and broken into easy to understand, bite-size portions that make learning a breeze. What I find super valuable is that Khalid asks his students what they want to learn more about and regularly creates additional course material based on our feedback.

Veronika Gyenes

Via TrustPilot

And that's not all! With the Core Course, you'll also get:

  • BONUS #1

Khalid H's Starter Campaign Templates

Get access to my "starter" campaign structure templates for ecommerce and service businesses, with a detailed "over-the-shoulder" walkthrough of how to set them up in your Ads Manager.

  • BONUS #2

The "Cascading Method" for starting from scratch

The biggest challenge when getting started with FB Ads? Not having data to help FB understand who to target. In this 30 minute lesson, you'll learn step by step how to overcome this issue and unlock FB's full machine-learning-backed optimization as fast as possible.

  • BONUS #3

Access to The FB Marketing School Community

Join our secret, members-only community to rub shoulders with other performance marketers and business owners on a similar path to yours. You'll have a safe space to share your wins, ask for community advice and get peer support along your journey*

  • BONUS #4

Previous Live Q&A Workshop recordings

Unlock our vault of Questions & Answers Workshops with over 8 hours of video content. In these recordings, I go over specific use cases from enrolled students and thought-provoking, advanced questions & details not covered in the Core Course content.

The Core FB Marketing Course is for you if:

You're looking to boost your business sales and ROI by leveraging Facebook's massive reach and targeting capabilities…

But you're not sure where to start and how to make the most out of it.

You want to actually understand how the Facebook Ads platform works…

After trying it for yourself, you still can't figure it out, and you're almost ready to throw in the towel and write it off.

You have tried the $7 courses and free youtube tutorials that waste hours of your time...

Only to end up with conflicting tactical information, long-winded explanations, and not enough "whys" to understand what's going on under-the-hood.

You want to understand how to structure campaigns, how to target the right audiences, how to create effective ads...

And how to get predictable results that help you grow your business , taking back control over your advertising.

You're tired of burning money with Facebook Ads only to get low-quality traffic...

And you're done with having multiple campaigns all producing next to no results even though you're spending more money.

You're an agency owner or a consultant running ads for your clients…

And want a repeatable, scalable framework that allows you to provide consistent results. You want a proven system to keep your clients happier, and around for longer.

You’re a business owner or CMO currently hiring an agency to run your marketing…

And you’d like to better understand the decisions they are making on your behalf, so you can have a more productive & collaborative relationship with them, while playing a more significant role in strategic decision making.

I have never seen such a density of information! Khalid shows how to optimise your ads and use the FB algorithm perfectly. If there are anymore questions you get access to a highly interactive FB group.


Via TrustPilot

Even though I am not a beginner, I have learned a lot of new things and refreshed essential details. It's good to get a lesson from someone who was an insider. Recommend it and it is worth the money and time.

Vladimir Kusnirik

Via TrustPilot

This is the best value Facebook course ever! Helped us turn around our business. The course allowed us to take over the management of our FB account. We no longer pay someone to manage the account


Via TrustPilot

It's time to take back control and start feeling equipped & confident running Facebook Ads

With this set of courses, you will finally cut through the noise. You will get to understand the concepts and techniques behind the world's most powerful advertising platform. And, you'll discover how to make it work for your unique business needs. All from the perspective of a former Facebook Employee.

Join 4000+ happy students

As an experienced Facebook Marketer, I've gone through so many courses that regurgitate the same information you could find on google over and over again. This course isn't that. There was so much information I had either looked over or never learned to properly implement. 

Kevin Payton

 – via TrustPilot

Khalid's course is the best most informative FB ads course I've seen so far. You not only get all the concepts broken down for you inside the course but he also goes as far as adding new lessons whenever someone says they need a concept shown to them. 

Ford Swiga

 – via TrustPilot

I've spent $5000+ on 3 Facebook ads courses and none of them compare to this heavily underpriced course. I feel cheated lol. Khalid is a GENIUS!

Peter Eh-zay

 – via TrustPilot

Definitely the best Facebook course I've attended. If you are the kind of user who has some basic knowledge of fb ads. This course is for you. 

David Lee

 – via TrustPilot

I have been studying Facebook Ads for some years but Khalid is the Man! Thank you so much... I feel now as a superhero! Amazing content and amazing teacher!

Ana Valente

 – via TrustPilot

Thank you very much for having this program. I already spent more than 40,000 USD on FB Ads 'inefficiently'. Now I can say I'm maximizing my ad spend after learning from the course.

Rex Jayson

 – via TrustPilot

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Join 4000+ happy


Join 4000+ happy students

Get a real insider blueprint to get the most out of your Facebook Ads spend

Start learning how to increase your ROAS with a predictable & scalable framework developed by a former Facebook Insider:

Join 4000+ happy


Join 4000+ happy students

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach how to survive after Apple’s iOS14 update?

Absolutely. There is a 30min masterclass in the Core Course, teaching you the steps you need to take to mitigate the iOS14 3rd party tracking ban, plus an advanced lesson on applying CAPI, creative and measurement adaptations, new retargeting structures, and other post-iOS14 advanced strategies inside the Advanced FB Ads - Accelerating ROI Course. 

Your retargeting is good. Do you teach the retargeting strategy that you use in the course itself?

I have put much testing into my retargeting strategy before landing on its current form, which I'm happy with. So, to answer your question, Yes, my advanced retargeting strategy is in the course. It is actually one of the most recent lessons I’ve added to the course, and I built it because I received similar requests to this. I call it the Ad Decay Retargeting Model. I also use some Dynamic Creative, which I also cover in the course (+ a step-by-step tutorial for each).  

Do you cover eCommerce?

Yes, definitely! The course itself is broadly applicable across all FB ad strategies, including eCommerce. But then I also have specific lessons and strategies that are designed uniquely for eCommerce. Most of my background is ecommerce-centric, so it really influences what I teach and the way I teach. 

Does this work for dropshipping?

Yes, definitely. When I last surveyed my students, ecommerce and dropshipping were the biggest fields in which my students are. My background has been very ecommerce centric (having built several ecommerce and dropshipping stores of my own) and also having managed ecommerce clients like eBay. So, yes my strategies and concepts are definitely applicable for ecommerce on the whole, including dropshipping. 

How up to date is the course/is your course still relevant?

Yes, I’ve designed my course to be strategically “evergreen” - i.e. the strategies and concepts I teach are universal to Facebook’s underlying mechanics - so while facebook does make superficial changes to interfaces, products, measurement tools, etc., the underlying strategies are very much the same, and that’s what I teach.

That said, I do periodically provide update lessons in the course. For example, I’ve added new content that addresses the iOS14 update, and provides students with actions they can take to overcome the update. Enrolled students get lifetime access to the course + access to my new lessons, as I develop them!


I'm a beginner/advanced. Will this help me?

The Core Course content spans the spectrum of beginner-advanced. I don't hold back in terms of the advanced techniques I employ (or that my clients employ), and keep in mind that my most recent clients at FB spend at least $1M a day.

My advertisers were among the most sophisticated advertisers on the platform. The techniques they employ are quite advanced, and I share these strategies with you. But, I also try to teach concepts in a way that beginners can follow along as well. Feedback from other experts has been that there was a lot of value, even for them.

Some subjects are too advanced for my beginners to follow. So I establish prerequisites at the beginning of the lesson. For example, a recent lesson I released was 50 mins on scaling, and it's over the heads of 50% of my students, focusing on pretty advanced tactics.

If you want to dive deeper, you can choose the Sales Accelerator Bundle, which covers the most advanced tactics I use that wouldn't fit the scope of the Core Course.

Does it help getting leads for small businesses like plumbers, contractors, painters, dentists, real estate agents?

Good question. Yes, I think FB ads functionality for lead generation is very powerful yet underutilized by advertisers, so I have several sections in the course specifically covering lead gen, which I think you will find very valuable, including a step-by-step tutorial for how to build effective lead ads + lead campaign structure + lead copywriting. 

This is equally applicable for small and large businesses alike. If you're a small service-based business, FB lead ads can and should be your primary channel for collecting leads. I've helped artists, contractors, renovators, real estate agents, podiatrists, dentists, and many more niches, with their lead gen strategy. 

Does it work to increase my engagement and grow my IG following?

There's a pretty sizable amount of research to-date to show that engagement as a KPI is very weakly tied to incrementality in real business objectives like sales lift, conversion lift, ROAS lift. 

So, I stay intentionally clear of this subject matter in the course as I think it's counterproductive and possibly even harmful to campaign performance. Additionally, with FB ads, we do have the ability to optimize towards our real business goals, whether they are leads, new customers, sales, ROAS, etc, and these options regularly beat out engagement objectives in head-to-head experiments.

This is a large part of my course - covering commonly peddled strategies that don’t work. I’m fully aware of the plethora of conflicting messages out there, for how to run FB ads, and so I am to use data-backed insights to help you understand what works - in addition to what doesn’t work.

How much is the minimum I need to spend?

It's a tough question to answer with confidence because there are so many variables, and I probably wouldn't trust anyone giving you a single number without context. However, my students manage to deliver business outcomes, for the most part, regardless of their budget levels.

One important consideration is that an ad set is sufficiently optimized (i.e., it's past the 'learning' state) once it has achieved 50+ conversions/week. This is a tenet of how the ad auction algorithm works (which you'll learn about in the course).

So, if your desired outcome is getting leads, for example, and you expect $3 / lead, then $3*50 = $150 / week to be fully optimized.

A campaign can run with less, it just might cost a bit more per lead. So there's some math you can use to estimate. Still, the only thing I can confidently say here is that there is no golden rule for a "minimum". And anyone saying that there is, is probably confused. I wouldn't advise anyone to spend outside of their means, and it's important to also recognize that the best campaigns are tested into. They don't materialize overnight. So, trial and error is often part of the process.

Why did you leave Facebook?

After 3 years there (2016 - 2019), I left Facebook HQ to travel, and try my hand at starting my own businesses. 13 countries, and 2 years later, I now operate my own consultancy (Khalid H Consulting). I’m the founder of Ad Optimum and StrawSave.

And, I run this course, which has over 4000 students since launching at the start of 2020. Granted, I also started a few ecommerce ventures which failed, but I think those were just as important experiences as well :)